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The Long and Short of It:

My name is Michelle Reeves. My husband Paul and I live with our five sons and all our miniature dachshunds in Upstate NY.

Our history with miniature dachshunds goes back to the mid 1980’s on my husband's side. He was one of six siblings that shared the companionship of a very special miniature dachshund named “Nick.”

Nicker” brought love and joy to all those who were around him. He was a true doxie that was energetic, yet cuddly. He loved to run and play with all the kids but at the same time, loved to just sit in someone’s lap. After we were married, I had the pleasure of knowing “Nicker” and he stole my heart.

We desired to have a miniature dachshund of our own. One led to another, and as the saying goes “Dachsunds are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!!”

We started breeding shorthair miniature dachshunds in 1995 and loved every minute of it! After we had our first son, life became very hectic. Within the next 6 years, our family grew with four more boys! With baby feedings and diaper changes and life in general, we stopped breeding in order to raise our growing family. We kept and loved our dogs until our last doxie “Annie” died in my arms at the age of 13.

As time passed, we missed the doxie charm around the house. That charm that miniature dachshunds bring with the pitter-patter of their paws, the cute expression-filled faces, the fearlessness of their big-dog mentality, and the uniqueness of their individual characters. In 2007, we decided to add miniature dachshunds back into our now busy family life and see how it would impact the structure of our family.

Paul, Michelle and their boys with Coffee
When they captured our hearts and the hearts of our boys we knew we were hooked again! Looking back now, it’s hard to imagine that we had a period of time without them! Our dogs are such an integral part of our family and we love them!

We breed miniature dachshunds because we love this breed. We strive to produce healthy, happy doxies with wonderful temperaments for families that wish to enjoy the love, joy and companionship that these little dogs have to offer. We have especially fallen in love with our longhaired mini dachshunds! They have all the great qualities of the shorthair dachshund but are so much calmer and of a quieter disposition.  Something that I cherish in our energetic household of growing boys and little doxies! 
Reeves boys 2016
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