Current Litters - Updated 10/15

Please contact 
for more information on any available puppies.

This summer has been a very busy time in my family’s life! 
I am slowly catching up on emails
~Thank you for your patience!~

~We reserve the right to have first pick from any litter~

All puppies in our current litters are NOT available unless otherwise noted.  Puppies are “reserved” until deposit waiting list has been notified and picks are made


Those on my deposit waiting list will be notified in the order deposits were placed
and after puppy coat lengths have been determined. 

Please click on litter picture to see individual puppy pictures!

Maple x Chip
Puppies born July 19, 2020
Long hair and/or short hair

Angel x S’mores
Puppies born July 21, 2020
Long hair and/or short hair

Nutella x Marshall
Puppies born August 12, 2020
Long hair puppies

Reese’s x Nestle
Puppies born August 15, 2020
Long hair and/or short hair

CLICK HERE to see pictures of our past puppies.

Reevesdachs reserves the right to have first pick of any litter.

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