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ee Cream
Long Hair Female
8 lbs

Acquired from Krista Cogburn at
Mtn. View Dachshunds
Thank you Krista!

Nilly is our sweet, little ee cream girl!  In the evenings, she loves to cuddle with my husband in his chair.  She has grown into a lovely young lady!  We have high hopes for her and maybe getting some ee cream puppies in the near future!   Her sire is black and cream and her mom is a cream - both from great English Cream lines.

We are so happy that she is part of our fur family!

11 weeks old

True English creams will trace back to British imports which you can see on an English cream dachshunds' pedigree.  Unlike a shaded English cream, "ee Creams" are different  in that they have no black hairs or shading. They are born almost white in color and never have any black shading as adults.  In order to produce an English cream, both parents must carry the cream gene.  An ee cream has both a set of "ee" genes and a set of "cream" genes.

 One must be cautious when looking for an eeCream puppy.  Both eeCreams and ee reds look very similar at birth.  Both are born very light - almost white, but an ee red will turn red as it grows and become a normal red without any black shading when it reaches adulthood. 
"ee reds" are lovely, but they are not creams and should not be mistaken and sold as creams.

Nilly at 5 weeks old
Photo by Krista Cogburn

ee Cream at 2 weeks old
Photo by Krista Cogburn

Litter with eeCreams
Photo by Krista Cogburn


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